Keep It On Me

dANG IT I might have to watch this series now

okay but wait are they actually together in the series

Well, they’re not confirmed to be dating (even though Hibiki did use the word “deito” one time) or have kissed or anything, but the subtext is like really thick and it’s kinda hinted that Miku wants to be more than friends. She’s basically the Lois Lane to Hibiki’s Superman. 

They will marry when Miku finally gets the courage to tell Hibiki that she is actually the sun.

B-but I want to see Hibiki propose by telling Miku how she can’t live in a world without sunshine and Miku crying tears of joy 

Shirabe has the best gear though, it’s a fact.

Hers is indeed hard to top

You should mention how while they have a weapon theme, the attacks change the form of said weapon. Like crossbows, gatling guns, missile launchers…all for one girl.

She hit the jackpot, no lie

The end of the world

The end of the world

Symphoanon, wanting to thank DL and my fellow anons for giving me their insight about Symphogear. I'm very much convinced that I'll go watch it now.

Godspeed dear anon, and I await your thoughts at the end of your journey!

Yet another anon. I feel it's important to note to new watchers that certain elements of Symphogear, especially parts of the setting and background, are super grim when viewed on their own. The show itself never goes dark, instead choosing to be a rather straight-forward show about fighting magical girls powered by their own singing. It's very fun, but don't expect Madoka. Don't expect endless suffering.

Yes yes, this is true. 

Some things in the show are dark, but they’re just parts of a whole. Overall, Symphogear is a good ride, and season 2 outright turns it into a rollercoaster. 

Do the girls do different things with their singing? Or at least make it so the effects of their singing look different like how the different Green Lanterns make different types of constructs?

I don’t know anything about Green Lantern, but each girl utilizes their weapons/powers differently. Like, the main character uses punches, another one wields swords, and another favors guns.  

Same Symphoanon here. When I finish Symphogear and G, what other similar anime would you recommend that's along the tone? Also, thanks for your Sympho-insight.

Hmm…to tell you the truth, I haven’t seen enough anime that could match Symphogear, but I think I can recommend Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (seasons 1 and 2) and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (both seasons).

Nanoha because I think it inspired some things in Symphogear—I hear both shows share several staff members, and Horizon because it’s also an anime that I consider absolutely fun. Even though Horizon has quite a lot of fanservice, if you can look past that I can vouch that it’s an awesome show; the characters are lovable, there’s a lot of wacky moments alongside serious ones, and the setting is amazing with a whole bunch of worldbuilding. 

Different anon here, do the girls have different styles with their singing?

Most of the styles are related to J-rock, but each girls’ singing is very distinct from one another. You don’t need to worry about confusing which is which. 

Can you summarize Symphogear for someone that's dipping their toes to watch it? What is its overall tone? Unnecessarily dark/Dark/slightly-dark at times/in between/slightly light-hearted/light-hearted/happy ending and babies for everyone?


Senki Zesshou Symphogear’s overall tone is relatively light and in-between, coming from an anime that’s about girls who fight enemies with the power of music. See, almost all the powers in the series comes from singing, and the voice actresses to a splendid job! Of course, it does get dark at times, but it’s not a “dark” anime at all. It’s just fun!

There are two seasons (the second one has “G” tacked at the end of the title) and a third has been greenlit!

I hope you enjoy it, anon!

Please do. I started watching G again with my shipper goggles and this sounds beautiful.

Haha, for real? I went in expecting more Hibiki/Miku stuff, but getting little moments for the other pairs were a pleasant surprise

Maybe Maria can dance with a Noise.

Being Maria is suffering