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Hey DL, guess what? I'm probably the only one one who watches you that doesn't like Symphogear... Yeah, I said it. Never made it past episode 3 of season 1. When it first premiered I already had a Black Rock Shooter shaped hole in my heart, and nothing has ever measured up since. Should I try giving it another go?

Ah, it’s okay! I honestly doubt you’re the only one who watches me that doesn’t like it, otherwise a lot more people would chat with me about the series, or they’ve never seen it in the first place. 

It’s ultimately your decision whether or not you want to continue; personally, I think it wouldn’t hurt giving it another chance and finishing season 1 at least. It’s one way to pass the time. If by the end of that it still doesn’t do anything for you, don’t feel obligated to sit through G or anything. 

I love Symphogear and it’s one of my all-time favorite series, but I’m never going to claim it as objectively good. The show stumbles a lot, but it has heart, and I find that exceedingly charming. I can sincerely say that I was genuinely entertained by it and that I’m happy the show exists.

I recommended Symphogear to someone... and they're loving it already after barely half an episode :D

Yo DL, you been taking a look at Akuma no Riddle? Also, are we ever going to see Kanade flipping up Tsubasa's skirt to see the battle scars Tsubasa was trying to hide from her so Kanade doesn't get worried?

I’ve heard of it, but I’m not watching it. Really, nothing this season interests me enough to start watching. The only thing I might be looking forward to is the Sailor Moon remake, and even then it’s mostly because of nostalgia.

K-Kanade, that’s indecent…

man I feel like calling G basically A’s is sort of unfair to the first season of symphogear, because I thought the first season of nanoha was sort of weird and not that great(the onsen episode still makes me go ??????)

Yeah…that was a rather strange episode. But really, I’m only using A’s as a general term, ‘cause while G isn’t exactly a carbon copy of Nanoha’s second season, there are a few noticeable parallels. Plus Nanoha didn’t start being, well, “good” until late in the first season, and I think that’s the same with Symphogear too, at least a little. 

Haha, this Symphoanon is glad you agree. Though I feel hype for G now, so I will find a torrent for it as I finish up the first season. See you tomorrow, DL!

Rest well, anon! I look forward to more of your commentary!

For a 13 episode, this Symphoanon reflects, Symphogear has pretty good pacing. Even knowing I have 6 episodes left and a second and third about to burden my computer's memory some more, I honestly feel like I've been watching more than 7 episodes with this level of character progression; like, 15 episodes. Though I'm sure there'll be more progression come second and third season, ya? Though I'm now kind of excited for Symphogear A's, I mean, G.

Oh yeah, pacing is pretty fair from my standpoint. Several others said that it was kind of wonky because in truth, the initial plot for Symphogear had way too many ideas, and so it had to be cut down. But the final product is quite solid overall. 

It’s all right; G is basically A’s anyway

So, after Tsubasa's heart-warming moment, Molestyoko rears her strangely-done-up head. And just as suddenly, this Symphoanon bears witnesses to the fallout of Miku's discovery of Hibiki's activities. More on that later because we've got YUKINE CHRYS BEING SOCIALLY AWKWARD~! And gains some insight into human interaction through two adorable kids and WELP, we return to the domestic trouble brewing, and Miku's shoulder-heaters are broken.

This is the part where we ask “Miku, why”

To put an emotion tied to each of their songs, this Symphoanon has to say this...Kanade is Determination, Tsubasa is Wistfulness, Hibiki is Confidence, and Chrys is Resentment.

Ohoh, that’s pretty nice. I can dig it!

Eh-heh *embarrassed cheek scratch* So, after being treated to Ichii-Bal's 'Billion Maiden' and 'Mega Deth Party', further showing that Chrys probably listens to heavy metal (or Ichii-Bal itself does), we see Tsubasa's dramatic rescue! And then Fine makes her entrance, more than likely going to back stab poor Chrys. No less than ten seconds pass, and CALLED IT. Which means Chris is about to face-heel to the good side soon enough. Fine, you utter-NEXT SCENE PLEASE.

Haha, well I wouldn’t say Chris herself actually listens to heavy metal (even though there really isn’t any evidence suggesting either way); it’s more like inspired by it. Probably in the same vein as Tsubasa’s songs being more controlled and Hibiki’s being hotblooded.

Chris Yukine gains another fan

Chris Yukine gains another fan

Nothing says "be my friend" more than a powerful rocket-propelled punch to the gut. You got it pegged, Bikkie.

Hibiki Tachibana is the most wonderful MC. I love her.

What a curious, but musical language. And, as expected, Chrys loses her marbles over Hibiki's ideal and *squints* Nirvana Gedons (Seriously, Chrys's font is hard to read) poor Hibiki. To which Hibiki kinda-sorta Hadokens it away? Wait no, that's her gathering her kamehameha. And the advice from Commander Uncle Father-Figure Dramatic Shoeless Posing Eyebrows-sensei the Thunder Pooper makes a comeback, just as Hibiki makes a comeback! And what an amazing Megaton Punch! CREDITS, ONTO EPISODE 7!

Dang, I don’t even remember Nehushtan’s attack stills. Some fan I am.

Bikki’s real good with her hands, don’tcha know; naturally she’d pack quite a punch.

Silly protagonist determination rears its head in this one. Hibiki wants to talk now instead of beating Chrys til she realizes the error of her ways and they fight together. Except that seems like the case later on, I bet. Chrys gets befriended.

Good ol’ befriending formula

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

SO MUCH CHEESE, DL. ENTIRELY TOO MANY. Dramatic reveal, HOOOOO! Yes, it's true, Miku! Hibiki's a GUNDAM. Also, I know this is six episodes in, I'm also loving the invocations each of the Symphogear users sing to start their transformation. Why is Hibiki running through the trees like a ninja? AAAGH, WHY ARE YOU GIVING SO MUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION. You might as well give your BWH at this point, with the amount of TMI you're giving away...-_-;

Yeah, there was a little bit of dissection done on those activation chants sometime before. I forget if they were a made-up language or something like Sumerian, but hey.